Bibliographical data for the files currently available:  1/25/'14

These are (mostly) in reverse order of publication and are labeled by subject area:
label		area
ctrl_		control theory (especially `distributed parameter' systems)
de_		ordinary and delay differential equations
ip_ 		ill-posed and inverse problems 
msy_ 		manufacturing systems (stability of scheduling protocols, etc.)
na_		computation and numerical analysis
pde_ 		partial differential equations and related modeling 
 fbp_ 			free boundary problems
 scnd_			semiconductor device modeling 
 sma_			smart materials
ss_		switching systems (hybrid systems) 
misc_		`miscellaneous' papers
(some of the papers have alternate classifications, as noted)
>>>	Many of the papers are here available as .ps files.  I am
shifting to .pdf files, but do not now have source files for many 
of the earlier papers.

[ip] Convergent approximation methods for ill-posed problems, Part I: General Theory, Part II: Applications (pdf) Control and Cybernetics 10, pp. 31-49, 51-71 (1981).

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[ss] [pde] Modeling modal transitions in diffusing populations (pdf) Int'l. J. Evolution Eqns., to appear.

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