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Nagaraj K. Neerchal

Phone: 410-455-2437
Fax: 410-455-1066

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Professor of Statistics
Grad Prog Dir
Interim Chair

PhD 1986, Iowa State
MS 1982, ISI, Kolkatta
BS 1981, ISI, Kolkatta

Research interests:

Time Series Analysis, Analysis of Correlated Categorical Data, Environmental Statistics, General Methodology, Data Mining and Analysis. 

My research interest is in studying models for correlated data. My published work includes theoretical developments in nonstationary autoregressive models, detection of abrupt changes in the parameters of time series models, and developing overdispersion models to describe categorical data collected in clusters. I have been involved in a number of environmental applications of statistical methodology such as trend estimation, ranked set and composite sampling and investigation of data quality issues using data mining. I am also involved in analysis of transportation data.  

My work in the change point detection problems are relevant to a variety of applications including financial, economic and environmental time series data. My work in overdispersion models are applied epidemiological and teratological data where the basic unit of sampling is a cluster (or a litter) rather than an individual. These models are also useful in marketing, telecommunications and other business applications. 

Environmental Statistics with S-PLUS, my book with Steven P. Millard of MathSoft) is published by Chapman Hall/CRC Press in 2000. It gives an instant access to statistical methodology relevant to USEPA policy documents and detailed examples including S-PLUS implementations of these methods. 

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