Kathleen A. Hoffman


Articles in Refereed Journals:

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  • Book Chapters:

  • J. Guckenheimer, K. Hoffman, and W. Weckesser, Global Bifurcations of Periodic Orbits in the Forced Van der Pol Equation, in Global Analysis of Dynamical Systems, eds H.W. Broer, B. Krauskopf and G. Vegter, Institute of Physics Publishing, Dirac House, 2001. [pdf]
  • Proceedings Papers

  • H.V.Ly, G.A. Pinter, K.A.Rogers, R.C. del Rosario, and D.E. Vaughan, Modeling the Chimera Domain Decomposition Approach to Solving Conservation Laws, Proceedings for the Industrial Mathematical Modeling Workshop for Graduate Students, Editors B.G. Fitzpatrick and H.T.Tran, Center for Research in Scientific Computation, Technical Report CRSC-TR96-7, February 1996.
  • Other Publications

  • M. Gobbert, K.A. Hoffman and J. Shen, The Conference ``Advances in Control of Partial Differential Equations'' in Honor in Prof. Thomas Seidman, IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 27(2), 92-93, 2007. [pdf]
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