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Teresa M. Lebair

Ph.D. Candidate
Applied Mathematics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250
Office: Sherman Hall 133
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I am a Ph.D. candidate and a fifth year graduate student in the UMBC Applied Mathematics program. My thesis adviser is Dr. Jinglai Shen, and I am currently working on constrained estimation/approximation problems using techniques from optimization, control, statistics, linear algebra, and spline theory. I will graduate in August of 2016.
2007 - 2011: B.S. in Mathematics, Saint Vincent College
2011 - 2013: M.S. in Applied Mathematics, UMBC
2011 - present: Ph.D. program in Applied Mathematics, UMBC

Shape Restricted Smoothing Splines via Constrained Optimal Control and Nonsmooth Newton's Methods (J. Shen and T.M. Lebair), Automatica, Vol. 53, pp. 216-224, 2015.

Minimax Lower Bound and Optimal Estimation of Convex Functions in the Supremum Norm (T.M. Lebair, J. Shen, and X. Wang), IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Forthcoming.

Uniform Lipschitz Property of Nonnegative Derivative Constrained B-Splines and Applications to Shape Constrained Estimation (T.M. Lebair and J. Shen), Submitted.
Teresa M. Lebair
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