Fall 2010   STAT 611: Mathematical Statistic I

Instructor:  Anindya Roy    Office: MP 435   phone: 410-455-2435
                  email: anindya@umbc.edu

Office Hours: TTH 4:00-5:00 pm, or by appointment.
Class meets::   TTH 7:10-8:25 in Math/Psych 103

Textbook:  Resnik:  Probability Path

Course prerequisites: Real analysis (math 301), master's level probability (Stat651). Must be familiar with combinatorial probability computation, random variables, basic probability distributions, independence, joint distribution, transformations and Jacobian, MGF.

Grading:    Homework 60%   Midterm 20%   Final 20%. I will give periodic homeworks, not all problems will be graded but you are expected to do all the problems. Both the midterm and the final will be in class, closed book, closed notes.

Course Description Probability theory for doctoral students. Probability measures, random variables, convergence concepts and limit laws, martingales (if time permits).

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