UMBC Summer Program in Computational Biology (SPCB) 2005

Participants (left to right): Dr. Anindya Roy (co-Director), Eileen DeVillier (Loyola College), Kim Nguyen (Agnes Scott College), Beverly Kremann (UMBC), Chelsea Thomas (UMCP), Dhananjay Chhatre (UVa), Abigail Kressner (Wash. U. St. Louis), Dr. Jon Bell (Director), Naim Rashid (Duke), Edward Kennedy (U. Penn.)

Team Projects:

1. Spot identification in Two Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis Data (Dhananjay Chhatre and anindya Roy)
2. Modeling an Epileptogenetic Focus, (Kim Nguyen, Eileen DeVillier, and Jonathan Bell)
3. Classification Methods for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data (Chelsea Thomas, Edward Kennedy, and Anindya Roy)
4. Analysis of Inhibition in an Autoassociative Memory Model of the CA3 Hippocampus Region (Beverly Kremann, Abigail Kresner, and Jonathan Bell)
5. Finite Sample Properties of Estimators of the False Discovery Rate (Naim Rashid and Anindya Roy)

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