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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers graduate programs leading to the master's and Ph.D. degrees in both applied mathematics and statistics. The department has had an active graduate program in applied mathematics since 1970. It expanded to include a full graduate program in statistics in 1984. The strength of these programs lies in its graduate faculty, who are actively engaged in research in applications of mathematics and statistics in a wide variety of real-world problems, as well as in investigations of fundamental and theoretical questions. The faculty designs and implements courses and curricula with emphasis on innovative research directed toward practical applications, as mandated by the charter from the University System of Maryland Board of Regents.

Both the applied mathematics and statistics programs are intended for those students who are interested in pursuing an advanced degree and who have earned the equivalent of a bachelor's or master's degree in mathematics, statistics or in other mathematically oriented disciplines. Students who already hold a master's degree may apply and enter the doctoral program directly. The doctoral programs provide training suitable for employment in academia, industrial research and development organizations, as well as research-oriented government agencies. The master's degree programs provide training in applications of mathematics and statistics in areas suitable for employment in industry or government agencies. They also can serve as preparatory steps toward advancing to a Ph.D. program.

To serve students' varying range of backgrounds and goals, the department has instituted several "tracks" within its master's degree programs. Each track defines a set of well-focused graduation requirements. Students who intend to continue to the doctoral programs should consider the traditional tracks in applied mathematics or statistics. A student whose final goal is a master's degree should consider the industrial track in applied mathematics or the applications-oriented track in statistics. Most graduate courses are offered in the late afternoon or in the evening to enable the participation of those who hold fulltime employment.

Individuals wishing to benefit from the department's course offerings without enrolling as degree-seeking students may do so by filing a non-degree seeking student application form. For students who do not already hold an undergraduate degree, a combined B.S./M.S. program leading to a master's degree in either applied mathematics or statistics is also offered by the department.

For further information regarding graduate programs in Applied Mathematics and Statistics please contact:

Dr. Muruhan Rathinam
Graduate Program Director
Program in Applied Math
Phone: 410-455-2423
e-mail: muruhan@umbc.edu

Dr. Junyong Park
Graduate Program Director
Program in Statistics
Phone: 410-455-2407
e-mail: junpark@umbc.edu

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