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BioStat Program with UMB
MS Biostatistics Track

This track is recommended for students interested in design and analysis of biomedical studies, including pharmaceutical clinical trials. The program is a joint undertaking of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UMBC and the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at the University of Maryland, Baltimore . Applicants to the program are expected to have had courses in multi-variable calculus, linear algebra and introductory courses in statistics.

One of the key features of this program constitutes a CAPSTONE project in biostatistics under the direction of a faculty member in the department or under the joint direction of a faculty member in the department and an expert in this area from outside the department. The work should include sophisticated data analysis, a simulation study, a review of literature, statistical software development or other activities related to biostatistics. The project must result in a report of 10-15 pages. The student will register for the project as STAT 699 or as PREV 789 depending on whether the faculty advisor is at UMBC or at UMB.

There are a number of course offerings at both schools that would be relevant to the degree and recommended through advising. This would include up to two 400-level statistics courses at the consultation and approval of the student's advisor. Students are required to take at least one elective course at UMB. Students are required to attend a monthly biostatistics seminar.

To serve students' varying range of backgrounds and goals, the department has instituted several "tracks" within its master's degree programs. Each track defines a set of well-focused graduation requirements. Students who intend to continue to the doctoral programs should consider the traditional tracks in applied mathematics or statistics. A student whose final goal is a master's degree should consider the industrial track in applied mathematics or the applications-oriented track in statistics. Most graduate courses are offered in the late afternoon or in the evening to enable the participation of those who hold fulltime employment.

PhD Biostatistics Track

The Biostatistics track in the graduate program of Statistics at UMBC is a recent addition to the joint venture between UMBC's Department of Mathematics & Statistics, the University of Maryland School of Medicine's Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, and the University of Maryland Marlene & Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center's Biostatistics Division. Along with the existing biostatistics track in the statistics MS program, the PhD biostatistics track will meet the needs of health professionals who wish to continue with a public health career and achieve a higher and more specialized degree, or the needs of statisticians who wish to specialize in statistical methods for biomedical and epidemiological applications. This program will provide students a strong mathematical statistics foundation in biostatistics research, mastery of a broad range of applied methodologies through course work and seminars at UMBC and UMB, and exposures to numerous biostatistical applications through collaborations. During their stay in the program, students will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in collaborative research at UMBC, the School of Medicine and the Greenebaum Cancer Center. This program will be unique in its emphasis on the theoretical foundations of statistical reasoning, as well as in the requirement that graduates have a scientific minor in one of the many important biomedical fields, including clinical trials, bioinformatics, population epidemiology, gerontology, etc. It is expected that there will be significant interaction between the three partners in terms of student mentoring and offering of courses and student support. For more details please visit UMBC PhD Biostatistics Track
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