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Welcome to the website of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UMBC. Whether you are a prospective undergraduate, graduate student, someone seeking employment in our department or a visitor, I invite you to browse these pages and get to know our department. I am proud to present to you a dynamic group of faculty, students, and staff striving to create an academic community engaged in interdisciplinary research and teaching. Our department plays a key role in undergraduate and graduate teaching mission of the campus. At the research level, we focus on many important areas of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (www.math.umbc.edu/research). The faculty in these diverse areas of research are brought together by their emphasis on interdisciplinary collaborations and applications. We have built a strong research record in many of these areas. The Statistics program was ranked among the top twenty five research programs by an independent research article in 1999.

Over the last couple of decades, UMBC has built a reputation for a solid research oriented undergraduate education and for outstanding research in many areas at the graduate level. Our Department plays a key role in both these aspects of the campus mission. The department offers BA/BS, MS, and PhD programs in both Mathematics and Statistics. At the MS level we offer applications oriented tracks in Statistics and Applied Mathematics. We have over 250 undergraduate Mathematics or Statistics majors, about 60 full time graduate students, and numerous minors and part-time students. There are 30 faculty members, 21 in Mathematics and 9 in Statistics, and four regular staff members ( www.math.umbc.edu/people). We also host a Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Consulting (CIRC, www.umbc.edu/circ/) as a service to the on and off campus research community.

These WebPages are your windows to our department. Here, you will find convenient contact information for the department and individual members of the department. Prospective graduate students will find the applications details and deadlines, and information regarding financial support. Current faculty and graduate students maintain their web presence here. Current and prospective undergraduate students can use these pages to learn more about research opportunities. We also provide information regarding ongoing seminars and colloquia, and a list of technical reports of current research by our faculty.

Mathematics and Statistics have become an integral part of modern research in all disciplines, and advanced technology in industry, government. We are excited to be a part of this human endeavor and to be engaged in training some of the most productive participants in it.

Nagaraj K. Neerchal
Mathematics and Statistics

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