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Our students with bachelor's degrees find employment as mathematical computing specialists, actuaries, statisticians, teachers, and various other positions in local industry and government agencies. Approximately half of the department's undergraduates continue their studies in graduate programs at UMBC, or elsewhere. Our students also go into professional programs like medicine and business. Our students graduating with the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees find employment in a wide range of responsible positions in industry, government agencies, and academia. The department historically has emphasized applied mathematics and applied statistics in its research bias, associations and curriculum. Some company associations departmental faculty have had include Northop-Grumman/Westinghouse, Martin Marietta, MacNeal-Schwindler, Pfizer, T. Rowe Price, United Technologies, Telcordia Technologies, and Magic Solutions. Contacts have lead to internships for students in places such as Cornell Theory Center, Bettis Atomic Power Lab, Intel Corp, NASA/Goddard, NASA/Kennedy, and Johnson & Johnson. The list of agencies funding work of our faculty includes most government sources and a number of private foundations. For an overview of departmental research interests, click on Faculty Research Interests. More details are given at individual faculty web pages. Some of the corporate placements for our graduate students include Pfizer, Northop-Grumman, Merck, Aspen Systems, Smith-Kline Beecham, Human Genome Sciences, GE Finanacial, Colgate Palmolive, and T. Rowe Price. Click on the link List of Alumni to get information on some of our graduates. It is interesting to note that over 500 UMBC graduates are employed by the nearby National Security Agency. Since the NSA is the world's largest employer of mathematicians, a substantial number of these former UMBC students are alumni of our department.

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